This class aims to help athletes, yogis, people recovering from injuries to release stagnation, increase circulation, and improve range of motion. This class ends in the traditional corpse pose, allowing focused breathing to enhance the body's greater level of openness.

This class is postponed unti further notice. Please check out our hybrid class, Qigong Deep Stretch!

The Latest Science on Yoga and Stretching

"Despite a wide range of methodological gaps and limitations, yoga interventions were shown to be beneficial and yielded positive results without any adverse outcomes. While work must continue using well-designed clinical trials, the findings reported here strongly support the integration of yoga in the conventional cancer care."

International Journal of Yoga. 2018 Jan-Apr; 11(1): 3–29.

"Yoga has an effective role in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression that can be considered as complementary medicine and reduce the medical cost per treatment by reducing the use of drugs."

"These results imply that yoga may be implemented as a complementary intervention for populations at risk or already suffering from diseases with an inflammatory component. Beyond this, yoga practice may exert further beneficial effects by enhancing cell-mediated and mucosal immunity."

Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2018 Aug;41(4):467-482.