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"The Knower of the mystery of sound knows the whole universe." 
~Hazrat Inayat Khan

Close your eyes, relax, set an intention using the ancient practice of Kintu, and release it to the universe. This sets the space for you to listen as the gongs reflect the story of you, the group, the room's powerful healing energy, the stars' alignment, in a sonic expression that deeply resonates within our mind. body and spirit. Join me as we explore the solstice energy on near the healing waters of the ocean.

If you have a yoga mat, please bring it with you. Otherwise, we have yoga mats that we can provide to a limited number of people. Fee is only $30 ($25 for members) and online registration is strongly encouraged by clicking on the button below.


This practice is not suitable for those who are pregnant or who have been diagnosed with epilepsy


"I saw colors. I saw a lot of light. Then I felt like I levitated off the floor. Amazing experience."

— Linda L., 2018


The Latest Science on Breath

"Group 1 and 2 (breath work groups) show significantly better results in the posturographic test with visual feedback than subjects without experience in breath work (group 3). Furthermore, posturographic results immediately after one hour of breath work reveal clear improvements in the body equilibrium."

Laryngorhinootologie. 1997 Oct; 76(10):577-82.

"Pre- to post-intervention, patients in both groups improved in pain. Breath therapy recipients improved in function (Roland: -4.8) and in the physical and emotional role (SF-36: +15.5 and 14.3). Physical therapy recipients improved in vitality (SF-36: +15.0). Average improvements were not different between groups. At six to eight weeks, results showed a trend favoring breath therapy."

"...These data demonstrate that relaxation induced by DB increases the antioxidant defense status in after exercise. These effects correlate with the concomitant decrease in cortisol and the increase in melatonin, a strong antioxidant. The consequence is a lower level of oxidative stress, which suggests that an appropriate recovery could protect athletes from long-term adverse effects of free radicals."

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