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A Sense of Place

As many of you might already know, we recently moved to a new home with a bigger yard. I suppose you might say that the lockdown made us re-evaluate our position on space and what is important in our lives. And so we decided that having fruit trees, a vegetable/herb garden, and a playset for Otto was more important than living at the beach. And we could not be more pleased with our recent relocation.

When you move to a new space, the most important aspect of making it your own is to find a place for everything: whether it is a place within your home that makes the most sense for the flow of your day to day living, or a place outside of your home either as a donation, a "free" box on the street, or in the trash. It is only when all of our belongings have found their "place" do we feel settled and at home, literally and figuratively.

Well, in the past six months, it feels like everyone in the world collectively packed our bags and moved into a new paradigm of living. And, perhaps, many of us are still unpacking the psychic boxes in which we shoved our comfort zones and trying to find a place for it all. Maybe we can consider the possibility that many of our beliefs and habitual patterns do not fit in our new home of the future. We are all being forced to find more empathy, find more balance, find more peace in the stillness by Mother Nature herself. And so, perhaps, we need to trash aspects of ourselves that denies vulnerability, to let go of over-doing/thinking/reacting, and find a place for compassion for ourselves that can then overflow towards others. Then perhaps we can call this new Earth our collective home again.

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