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The Oscar Goes To...

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Every awards season, I go into a reverie imagining what my Oscars acceptance speech would be. And once I have given the speech in my mind, it always puts me in such a positive mood. It must be all that gratitude. So I have decided to share this guilty pleasure with all of you, my dear readers, that you may experience the blissful and thankful mindset with which it leaves you. That way, we all are winners.

Oh wow. I am so surprised by this award. Not that I don't deserve it, but that I was chosen among 7 billion people who are as equally deserving. So I just want to say a general thank you to our Universal Interdependence for making this happen. It REALLY takes a village.

Moving closer to my circle, I would like to thank all the employers I have had in the past, where I gained valuable information on how to effectively be a contributor to society. Every moment dedicated to learning has had a permanent influence on my life, and for all those moments I thank my literal and figurative teachers.

Even a bit closer now are people whom I consider challengers. Moving beyond the difficult situations and being transformed from the experience is the absolute best feeling one can imagine. So I sincerely am grateful.

Then there are those who are professionally linked to me. Those who have hitched their entire wagon on my vision of healing. Your belief in me is humbling. There are hundreds of thousands of people practicing what I am offering, and somehow you decide that I was the one with whom to trust your transformation. I am aghast in the best possible way. Thank you.

Finally, for the people who love me, especially those who are related to me. You are told that you have to love your family no matter their behavior. And believe me, I know I have not always been my best. And you loved me anyway. Even when you neither understood nor accepted my methods. Thank you. And to my loved ones who cared enough to understand, thank you. I bow humbly to you.

Now, it is your turn. Write your own #OscarSpeech. Post it on Social Media. Send it to your loved ones. Perhaps we can all be grateful together for even a short period of time.

You REALLY, REALLY love me,


PS: Here are my Oscar picks this season.

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