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Pivot to the New Normal

I anticipate my professional life to go back to normal on July 15th. But what is normal for us all now? I have missed everyone, and yet I also want to retain some of the changes I made during this impromptu global retreat (important information on reopening in bold italics):


One of the best feelings of freedom is to be untethered to time. How many of us felt, on certain days, that we had no idea what day it was? At first, it was unsettling. How can we not know what day it is? But when I sat back and just observed my self outside of the context of time, I realized that the days felt more expansive. Because I wasn't so acutely aware of the structure, the container that is time, I got to be present for what was happening within that structure. And so, for our safety, I am implementing the following reopening timing plan:

Massage, Neurolinguistic Coaching, Business Coaching, and Reiki client hours are on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. I am waiting on my teaching schedule to finalize, but for now, the hours are 9:30am to 7:30pm on Wednesdays and Sundays, 9:30am to 9:30pm on Fridays.

For the first three months after reopening, July 15th through the end of October, I will be implementing a 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off schedule. As I work quite a bit with seniors and those with pre-existing conditions, I thought it best to have a 14-day waiting period in between each two week period of client sessions to see if I develop any symptoms. Again, as we navigate this brand new virus, I want to err on the side of caution.


I have been pondering the idea of wearing scrubs for a long time. I think that there is beauty in their simplicity and comfort in their durability. So I got myself some scrubs to wear (and I even got my name embroidered on them!), with plans to change each set of scrubs after each client. Imagine my delight when the CDPH Recommendations mentioned changing clothes after every client (see page 8, paragraph 1 on the official CDPH Industry Guidance). To this end, I will only be open to 4 clients per day. That is the industry standard anyway, I have just gotten into the habit of fitting in way too many clients in one day. So, if there are no longer any openings, you may text me and ask to be put on the waiting list for a specific timeslot. Otherwise, just book the next available time. Again, my schedule will open up once we get to October and it looks like the coast is clear from a second wave.

In addition, per page 13 of the CDPH Guidelines, all clients must wear a mask for the entirety of the session. I will be providing reusable cloth masks, as they will be laundered with the sheets. These masks are handmade by yours truly and are made with breatheable materials. In case you were wondering, I plan on adhering strictly to this rule.

When you arrive for your session, you must text me upon your arrival, then remain in your vehicle. Your text must include the following: "I have arrived for my [session time] appointment. By entering the healing space at 4747 Mission Boulevard, Suite 7, San Diego CA 92109, I hereby assume all the risks, including the risk of contracting COVID-19, as a consequence of my session. I thereby release all liabilities from Irene Radley, Breakthrough Healing Arts, Radley Wellness, Longevity Lounge, and all associated businesses and /or persons." There will also be a physical sign-in page should you be unable to send text messages.

I will bring a mask to you, take your temperature with my fancy pants infrared, no-contact thermometer, and walk you into the space should your temperature read normal.


One of the most profound changes I made during the isolation period involved the psychic and energetic clearing from many of the people I encountered on a daily basis. I am looking forward to a renewed relationship with all my clients, and take the presence I practiced during the break to all my sessions. We are all changed, and I am eager to meet the version of you that emerges on this side of the COVID saga with me.

I am also implementing a more stringent cleaning protocol in order to protect all of us. I will be disinfecting my treatement room with an EPA-approved and Green Seal certified cleaner, Force of Nature. You can find it on page 26 of the extensive list of EPA-approved cleaning products for COVID-19 found below.

EPA-approved COVID-19 Cleaning Products
Download • 286KB

This product, while non-toxic and eco-friendly, is effective against COVID-19 if allowed to sit on surfaces for 10 minutes before being wiped away. Thus, I will be instituting a 30-minute minimum transition time between clients in order to disinfect the room. I suggest booking online to see actual available times for sessions.

As recommended, I will keep a window open during our session. Your privacy should not be jeopardized, as the window in my office can open without exposing you to the outside world. I will open the window after you are settled under the sheets, and will close it after the session is finished so you can have some privacy while you get dressed.

I will also have a different bottle of oil for each client. At the end of the evening, I will disinfect each bottle for use on my next workday. This ensures a stringent cleaning of each tool, and limits the possibility for cross-contamination. At this time, I will no longer be using the CBD lotion during sessions. If you would like me to use CBD lotion during your session, please purchase a bottle for yourself and I can use it.

Finally, you might find that the room will look a little different. The CDPH guideline document mentioned removing any porous and hard-to-disinfect items out of the room. So while I will continue to have what I need to make you feel comfortable, the blue chair will sadly be going to a better place (the next exciting destination will be revealed sometime in the future!). I will replace it with a chair that lends itself better to cleaning. Doterra, Dragon Herbs, and Elixicure products will still be available, although will not be displayed. Sampling products will no longer be allowed. So if you want to purchase any products, just let me know and I will get them for you. I will also be removing any decorative materials that cannot be cleaned after each session. But don't worry, I will still have crystals in the room at all times. I intend to soak them in the cleanser after each session.

Adaptogens are a double-direction class of herbs that adapt their chemistry to give you just what you need when you take them. The Goji Berry gets its healing power through its tenacity to thrive in high altitudes and the resulting extreme weather changes. Our microscopic ancestors mutated and adapted to create who we are now. Change, ultimately, is a gift. I receive the gifts of these changes with grace, openness and light.

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